Five people does not apply to loans to buy a House

typically, members of the public of the purchase is realized by the loan to buy a House dream. But, in fact, not all of them are suitable for buying a house through this channel.

1, there are stores of foreign non-urban citizens.

2, stable, industry and promising young professionals of the company.

3, for their good management or the owners of firms and has started.

4, business or potential business for young people.

5, retired working couples.

the five categories of people, retired working couples to buy a House is generally with their children to buy a House, work together to form a set of holding State; or Tao from a second-hand, through a one-time payment to access to housing, which is a fundamental consideration. Regardless of the price or up or down, buy a small suite of effects is very small, once delivered to children in the future without having to spend a lot of cost. Meanwhile, just make it by some public building in the small, former unit of building small, beyond the living room by restrictions, their high livability for the House, more suitable for old people live. And because the House lots are quite good, but these houses are facing the problems of an aging, with much lower home prices, easier to negotiate the total transaction price, taxes and fees have also been affected by the Government relief.

the pace of urbanization has accelerated, every day is not the same as the face of the city, those stores outside of non-citizens, cannot ensure its own stores where things can never touch the demolition. Based on carefully considered, at present there are three ways to choose:

one, according to their financial situation, seek a one-time buyout of second-hand housing, in order to ensure you can have a free accommodation in the city and efforts to run their own stores, in order to ensure basic survival.

Second, decided to rent, waiting to buy.

third, the conditions, if any, you can purchase a community store. Under normal circumstances can be converted into a duplex property, which here is retail, residential above, complete home buyers home integration.

stable, industry and companies promising young professionals, recommend not to buy a House because, these young white-collar's future is very bright, they can go in both directions for the future, a future career managers is another future boss, entrepreneur. In order to achieve the ideal, need for life planning, one of the most important thing is keeping your quality of life, do not make loans to make their quality of life is limited.

their good management or the owners of firms and has started, no comparisons, but do not need to rush to buy a House, or a loan to buy a House, a car. Heavy credit costs will eat into your business cash flow. Instead, as long as there is a live, career comes first. Meanwhile, inflation and overheating also will let you increase in sources of cash in the form of bubbles, but it should be to avoid such risks by prudent financial management, do not see sharp increase in cash flow was anxious to buy homes and cars.

young people are in business or prospective business, is not recommended to buy a house or give up with mortgage to buy a House is the only reason you have a heart ready to start, then, appropriate professional experience and the accumulation of capital is a prerequisite, and according to Carnegie in a Word, 85% from a person's success in public relations, 15% from the technical capacities of the individual. You accumulate capital and professional experience, creating found you have to build your own network with related resources. Bought a House became a House slave, you will damage your contacts to promote you gradually withdraw from the stage.

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