You are a bank customer yet?

Bank customers can enjoy a variety of benefits, such as loan interest rate discounts. But to become bank customers, not only to have a certain economic strength, its occupation must also have a certain social status. So, which belonged to the bank customer? Small series below to inventory, come and see if you're a bank's customers.

    1. borrowers for the national civil service, official staff of the banking, securities and insurance institutions (insurance agent), doctor, teacher, senior technicians, certified public accountants, lawyers, and can provide proof of valid professional;

    2. borrowers for the school (inclusive) or more officers, and can provide proof of valid military;

  &Nbsp;  3. world top 500 enterprises in China Branch Office in the Office of the senior managers and senior technical personnel;

    4. Central and local State organs, organizations, institutions serving senior management and senior technical staff;

    5. High payroll customers: Bank in the last year's average monthly wage of 20,000 yuan (inclusive) or more customers;

more than five such groups, if there are no bad records, payments in good condition, will be regarded by the Bank's customers.

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